Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Paper Collages

Here are the paper collages....the originals. Now I'll print on fabric and make into journals or bags. I'm not sure. Right now I really need to finish up a quilt that needs to go to the lady that does my quilting once a year. Normally I do all of my own quilting, but having Yvette quilt for me, just the really special stuff, is like going to have a massage. I don't have to do it and she is sooo creative.

The scan at the top of the page includes a transfer that I did in a class I took with the lady with the bird is the wonderful DJ's.....I just transferred, painted over with more greens and pinks and highlighted in a few places. This piece was actually printed on my HP inkjet then fused into the paper collage that you see. Now I'll once again print on fabric on either my HP Laser or HP Inkjet.

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