Saturday, February 9, 2008

Visual Effects

I've been experimenting with collaging papers, using a heat press and then adding a bit of paint over the top. I then scanned the paper, applied a purple filter in Corel added some clip art and now have some cool tags to use. Take a look at the original paper scan (the color is actually much better in person).

Here is the same scan, with the purple overlay, a simple piece of heart clip-art and some text.

I just purchased photoshop elements so I'm hoping to be able to learn many new ways to alter original artwork. I've always really liked Corel but I'm hoping that elements, because of the availability of online training/tips, will be an even better tool long-term. The above label is to be used as part of the packaging for the free heart table mat kit. I'll get that picture posted tomorrow.

Thought for the day: People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.-- Joseph F. Newton

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