Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Serious Affliction--I can't just make one

For those of you who know me, you'll know that I used to do a lot of bazaars with finished goods. Santas, bags, quilts,ornaments, you name it. You'll also know that I can't just stop at making one. This has really been a serious problem for me....I mean if I cut out one ornament, really finished 24 wouldn't be that much worse. Sometime I'll tell you all the story of my 3 ft santas, the sleighs, and the 20 special orders I took. Just know that it is another story of when I thought making 20 wouldn't be that much worse than making 5...my husband was involved cutting our sleighs and painting them many nights until the wee hours. I was making carolers, wooden horses, etc to put in the sleighs. Anyway....recently I have caught the bug and have been making binder/book covers. It always starts the same, I make one of something and think WOW that is amazing....why not make a few more for my gift closet. So here are the photos of the one finished book cover that started the most recent series of book cover mania....and also the 3 book covers that are "almost done" and I use the word "almost" really really loosely.

finished cover, if you can get a closeup on the button closure...awesome button!!! Hand-made glass numbers. For sale on my website or by emailing me at qbandy@mindspring.com. Also the patterns for the binder covers should be posted soon or are available immediately if you email me (sorry not enough time to update the website because I've been sewing).

Look, even a pocket for pens/pencils. This is my art quilt journal for all of my inspiration picture, quotes, photos, stuff I've made etc.
And here some more covers....also did I mention that I wasn't satisfied with the pre-quilted fabric I found.....so now I'm quilting my own for several more covers. I hope I make it through this phase of mania soon. I have "real" projects that need attention. LOL .

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